advice for teachers – explained

These are the comments from the photo in the last post with a bit of explanation as well.

• be friendly and patient
• don’t be overly strict, but do have control of the class – balance
• listen carefully
• treat everyone the same
• make sure everyone understands
• don’t waste time
• be understanding of students’ problems
• work hard
• use different ways to teach
• give a clear picture of the grammar before checking
• tell ss in advance what you are going to do
• share planning with the students
• no homework!
• tell students when the are wrong, and tell them what is wrong

I elicited this list in a very unscientific manner from my Level 1 ss one Friday morning. I’ve listed them here in the order they were suggested by the learners, hoping that this in some way reflects the relative importance that ss place on various aspects of the teacher role. The comment about understanding students’ problems wasn’t, I’m afraid, target fans, about their language problems but rather about problems faced by learners outside class.

It is notable that the first few items are classroom management and personality driven, rather than language driven. Indeed, this could be said for the majority of the points – personality and classroom management are high priorities for learners – they trust very much our language knowledge.


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