impact of graded observations on teaching

Just been mulling ideas for research next year round my head (not at all displacement activity seeing as current research isn’t even half way through) but anyway.

What I was thinking was something like:

What is the impact of formal graded observations on teaching practice? To what extent does this negatively or positively affect the practices of the teachers involved?

The first thing would be to decide on measures of impact (e.g. exam results, teacher perceptions and comments on performance) then  isolate if possible what factors in particular are being affected and why. It would probably be a series of detailed case studies of individual teachers in a single department (or across college?), against the backdrop of the overall  graded observation process, the grades received by individuals, and the overall retention and achievement rates. It would be interesting to see if there were any correlations between the success measurements, the observation grades, and the various teachers’ perceptions of the impact.

This is ace. I would so love to do this.

My first question is, however, has it been done before, by whom and where? If anyone knows would very much appreciate ideas.


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