Planning by iPhone

So here we are. I have an admission (sorry) but with the best will in the world I completely forgot to plan Monday morning’s session. So i thought i’d write the plan here and then reflect on it here as well! So here is the plan and I’ll let you know how it goes.

Link to last week and discussion around census. How did it go? Did you have trouble? Any questions? Allow time to complete in class if (HUGE if) all agree.

Preteach lexis / lexis review
Topic areas that came up on census brainstorm into categories. Then any key vocab? See what ss come up with.

Then show next task and demo with IWB:
Learners complete graphic of a cut out figure with various prompts about equality and diversity issues: ethnicity, sexuality and so on (adapted from an e and d presentation I saw. Need to finish this: email me if you want one!!)

Learners do this but no names. Print but Ls don’t collect. T collects and jumbles. Sticks up on wall and Ls have to find who is who.

Quick feedback as a group: any surprises? Then a little talky bit about equality and diversity and what it means.

Then main task (good time for a break first?)

Learners research and design a poster (a3) about their class. Theme / title for the poster is Similarities and Differences: how we are the same and how we are different.

T monitors and encourages/ develops accuracy in final piece. Poss lang issues around comparatives and superlatives, how they function in sentences, making generalised statements using plurals, ummmm….

Learners use e.g. Word to design posters, lots of clip art and word art and stuff. then print to display in normal classroom. Work in threes (ish). Prizes for design and content?

Show finished posters and read / discuss ideas.


I’ll let you know how it goes! Wow, a lesson planned on an iPhone in the time it’s taken my wife to have a shower…


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