Old Skool: as it happened








  1. It’s been a while since I taught this very very straight lesson and like several other not so good experiences this year it keeps nagging at me. I have to say having spent a few hours preparing the shiny materials, the careful coursebooky questions, it was a total and utter waste of time. Really I was disappointed on an epic scale with the lesson.
    Materials – teacher selected, not tremendously interesting
    Aims of the lesson: again teacher driven, based on gaps between learners abilities and those required by external accrediting bodies
    Topic: based on same accrediting body.

    So not at all learner centred and until about half way through when I could abandon the stuff without the lesson feeling cut short, utter rubbish. I should have started where I finished and based the entire lesson on learners writing about themselves then using error correction and peer teaching to put it right before having another go.

    Silly thing is I have been doing this latter kind of lesson all year with my level 1 learners, and did lots of them last year with my E1 learners, so level has nothing to do with it. Just me playing safe, and as a result being excruciatingly dull.

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