Laziness = creative?

Here’s an interesting brief reflection – planning for a teacher training session today, I duly copied my paper-based matching activity onto A3 and was busy slicing up the first set (1 between 2 for 8 trainees). Was busy thinking to myself, as you do at these times, that slicing up cards was a pain in the bum (my old DoS used to call it “the Blue Peter school of language teaching”) and how could I avoid it?

First thought: work it up in Hot Potatoes as a drag & drop quiz. On the plus side: Nice, interesting, change of pace & focus in the session & once done would never need to do it again. On the negative: means logging on, farting about with computer desks, would probably take as long to make hot potatoes as would take to cut it up, more screen time, when trainees might be doing online research later, and still pretty static for an activity at 3.00 on a Friday afternoon.

Second (better) thought was this: cut up one set (I was already halfway through) and do as a walking-round the room mingle where everyone has a word and a definition and has to find the matching bit. They are going to have a handout with the answers afterwards (we are exploring morphology based on neologisms – this is just matching neologisms with meanings). Positive: change of pace, focus and activity type, not sitting down, can use again (if I remember to keep the cards). Negative: well, getting tired teachers to stand up on a Friday afternoon is pretty challenging!

Just goes to show that online doesn’t always equal more interesting or creative. I’ll see how it goes later.


Here’s the prezi i’m using for the session just out of interest.



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