Probably real: This Wednesday’s Plan

So this is the plan for the Wednesday session. From my own personal development perspective I want to focus on the reflection, so it’s a lot closer to how I “normally” plan. In fairness it’s a lesson I’ve covered a number of times before (hasn’t everyone done “describing people” with just some pictures of, er, people?), and I have a good idea of what language should develop – and have made a note of this (I would normally do this – it helps me to focus on what I need to be ready to support / develop with the group.

As before, this is language as chunks, rather than analytical grammar, but there are a couple of learners who might benefit from it.

In terms of images I plan to use the images only from the slides here: (although perhaps not the rather charming (and old) picture of me with a touch more hair than I have now and a bunch less stomach), which would probably be better as a “used to” picture rather than as a present continuous picture). Mind you, good concept questions, if I say so myself.

With this group, I don’t want to use the grammar prompts, and the analysis. I have included them because I can’t be bothered to re-upload the powerpoint to slideshare and you never know, they might be useful for someone else to use. They even have core corriculum references and all. I was a good boy once, before the rot set in.


I may use this one instead (or as well) as this is rather neat and has no prompts!


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