Going all the unplugged way

So this Wednesday night I’m teaching, and I’m being peer observed by a teacher wanting to look at a materials light lesson.

I’m thinking something around askin and answering personal questions, because it’s a key element of a lot of their ILP targets (evidence of achievement there is part of the RARPA process) and because next week they will be doing a sort of assessment which will involve a form, it would probably be useful to involve a form somewhere in the process. I know I was mean about forms, but you know, there’s a box here to tick…

So my challenge to myself is this: can I get 2 and a half beginner hours out of a single form?

Here are some rough headings for the form, I’m thinking one copy per group of 3 blown up to A3. I may capitulate there, and give out one each, but then again I might not. The form, even simplified and inauthentic as this is, is operating as a textual stimulus for language development, rather than rote learning the bits of a form and what one should write in the box.



Telephone number

Date of birth

I may also add:

I like…

I don’t like…

And here, for your delectation, is the lesson plan:

[This is a blank page]

There. I may live to regret this. What I would like to say is that I rarely go into a lesson with no plan at all. In fact I am having to consciously stop myself making a couple of notes to help me along. So this will be a genuine challenge here.



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