My Scheme of Work-in-Progress

So the attached pictures here are the “fun” stages of the planning process. I’ve got all the information about the students, or at least most of it, and have been able to put the thoughts together. The best bit of the information hunting process was using Linoit as a tool for pooling students’ thoughts on what they wanted and why: and

I’ve got a sort of “language” page, a “topics” page, and then the individual areas for development for each learner to be smartened and shared this Thursday. Doing it like this helps me think: sometimes the linear shape of a scheme of work proforma can be a bit of a block to creativity and stop you seeing the bigger picture, so laying it all out like this is rather like the notes and drafting stage of planning a piece of writing.

There are other influences yet to add: the impact of the various final assessments, for example, will expand the repertoire of text types, and other themes and topics will arise no doubt as we go on.

However, I have to say I rather like this bit. This is the exciting bit when you have the course laid out in front of you, and all the metaphorical blank spaces to fill. Even the process of whittling it into the shape of the proforma will be useful now: the liner sequence might throw up anomalies or further ideas here, as well as remind me what events and festivals are coming up, and indeed may come up in the future. What I really like about this is that the ideas are drawn mostly from the learners, and more may yet develop.

Very much a work in progress, the final scheme might also include the odd “empty” session so the course can move and sway with the rhythms of the learners and the world, and we can make room for natural and real conversation, for tangents and changes and all the wonderful things that make a course interesting.





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