First class of the year

What we did:

Introductions, where I draw pictures and write words on the board and students have to ask questions to find out what they mean to me. I make it hard at this level by only answering accurate questions.

A little “getting to know you” writing task, where students wrote down two or three facts about their past, their present and their future. These got shared with another student who had to find the original owner, then ask further questions before writing it up as a short biographical piece.

Goals trees: students drew trees to represent the things which encouraged them to do the course in the first place (roots) and the things they hoped to gain and do after the course (branches, leaves, etc.)

And to close, we wrote individual goals on ILPs. (To not a little eye rolling on the part of the more experienced students…)

Fun was had by all, we covered some new vocabulary in the form of vine, squeamish and bush; I identified already that we are going to need to cover articles and verb patterns and collocations, not to mention some reminders of some forgotten punctuation. Students left the room chatting, discussing, looking forward, as several of them said, to next week’s class as they had got a lot from it.

I’m not going to grade it, score it, say if it was a good lesson, a poor lesson, a whatever lesson. There are things to change (like the groupings were a little chaotic, meaning that one or two students were left on their own for a minute or two) but nothing deleterious. It was a lesson, and as such a proper pleasure.


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