Just teaching: why I love Wednesdays

I love Wednesdays. I arrive at work at about 12pm, having categorically not worked the morning due to being Daddy and doing the school run, an arrangement my employer has been lovely enough to allow for the last five years. Then I start teaching at 12.45. I have two two hour ICT classes for ESOL 16-18s, then an hour before I teach a lovely Level 1 ESOL evening class from 6 til 8.30. Train times being what they are, I generally end up then having half an hour or so to kill, where I catch up on odd bits of admin, before catching a 9.30 train and getting home at about 10.15. 

It is my favourite day. The 16-18s are challenging but interesting, with no major behaviour issues as far as I can tell, and I finally have head space to explore ICT teaching, and try to do a halfway decent job of it. The level 1 class are massively diverse, with a whole range of needs and challenges. And the best thing? I am teaching, just teaching, all blessed day long. Emails go ignored, urgent requests for this, that and the other can go hang, I can, by and large, legitimately ignore admin for the whole day. I don’t have to worry about action plans, pro formas, meetings, policies, standards, mission statements, KPIs, any of it. I can just go into classes and enjoy. The only  VLE courses I need to care about are my own, the only reflections of any relevance are on my own teaching, and the only good practice that concerns me is mine.

I am tired by the end, and my last hour of teaching sometimes has a slight caffeine-fuelled manic edge to it, but that’s no bad thing for an ESOL class of an evening. But basically because I just get to do my favourite work thing all day, I love Wednesdays.


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