My First Real Class Since Christmas.

That’s weird, isn’t it? I’ve watched about four weeks of CELTA trainees teach, delivered a session on teaching pronunciation, taught a number of sessions of ICT, and done a few exam slots with ESOL students. But none of that feels like really teaching. Not really, anyway, which is why I’m looking forward to my evening class tonight. Sure, I’ve got a bunch of new students and I should probably do some stuff with diagnostics and ILPs, but not right now.  I’m sorry, but I really can’t stomach that thought when I just want to do what I do best of all – help some people learn some English. I think that after a few weeks of various assessment tasks, I rather think the students will like it too, but mainly I am going to do a normal ESOL lesson because I haven’t been able to do one since before Christmas and I may actually murder someone. Hell, I want to know if I can still do it.

It’s funny, really, because the CELTA session felt like teaching, sort of, but somehow teacher training doesn’t satisfy me in the same way an ESOL class does. And ICT, well, I’ve got to be honest, it’s interesting enough but, well, it’s just doing stuff with computers, and as fun as that is, it’s not something that really excites me. Sure, it keeps the funding wolf from the door, but it’s not terribly interesting. I feel guilty, because I feel that I owe the students a lot more passion for the subject, but I somehow can’t quite muster that passion for ICT. ( To be fair, I imagine this is just how ICT teachers feel about teaching grammar.) Yeah, it’s okaaaay, I mean, it could be PSD, but you know, it’s not… well… you know. To paraphrase the world’s most frustrating piece of lesson observation feedback, as subjects go, functional ICT lacks sparkle.

So anyway, tonight I am going to teach some language. Most of the class are returners, so I’m not going to do the new student assessment & induction butt-whuffery and all that stuff that I should probably do, and I’m probably still going to have to do it later. Nope, I’m going to teach some ESOL learners some language.. And by god, it’s going to feel good.


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